Who we are and what we are about

About us

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We are husband and wife business based in a Dorset village with our little human, and furry family.

I (Carly) am a creative designer and published wedding stylist, and Luke is a welder and engineer. We like to make things, and I like to make things look pretty.


Four facts about me; Bali is my favourite place to shop, I want to live in a villa, I love Palomino horses and white peacocks, and I'm a bit obsessed with Rammed Earth architecture at the moment. I have worked in hospitality for 23 years and have been a Holistic Therapist for about 18 years. Roka Bella Rose was born from a very spiritual experience which led to me starting to make art out of real Rose petals. I think this story needs to be a little blog for those interested to read. 

Luke thinks I'm bonkers, but he has just learnt to roll with my crazy ideas. You can't turn off a creative brain, and I have so many ideas that I could explode.

If there's an argument in our house it is most likely to be over who has 'temporarily misplaced' whose tools.

We design and make all of our props and décor by hand. Our passion is creating something beautiful. We can help you turn your dream ideas into a reality.

We know how important it is to have everything just to way you imagined it. Attention to detail is essential, and every aspect thought through. We will help you carefully curate your dream vision.