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Sips about to go down!

What's your favourite tipple? 

We have seen you have some fantastic ideas when it comes to Mobile and DIY Bars and how to make them personal. There are a couple of points to consider when deciding whether to go for a DIY Bar, or a Serviced Mobile Bar. 

DIY Bars

Pros - you can buy your own alcohol and style the bar to fit your vibe.

Cons -you have to pay for everyone's drinks (no money can change hands on site for any alcohol), you will need to provide cups/ glasses, ice, ice storage, fridges, and a generator to power them. You WILL need to employ someone to collect glasses and wash them all, as nobody ever uses the same glass...yes even when you've had cups printed with their names on them. You are responsible for removing all glassware, bottles, and rubbish from site. Not what you want to be doing on the Sunday morning, bottle runs to Swanage.

Mobile Bars


Choose a bar company to match your vibe, or go with a catering company which offers both bar and catering. You don't need to employ someone to collect and wash glasses (do speak to your bar company to check what they provide). Your bar company is responsible for removing everything from site that they bring to site (we will send you our Ts and Cs for external suppliers for you to pass onto them).


You have to pay for your own drinks, but you get a full service and less stress

our archery shelter as a diy sailors bar

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