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Abbey May Official

Styled shoot

When Elements Collide | FIRE & EARTH

by Roka Bella Rose Weddings

Shoot Photography | by THE UNBRIDLED

#SayHiToTheSupplier #FindAMuseFriday

Our muse for this shoot was the beautiful Abbey. Two very different styles of dresses, and she looked incredible in both of them. Not only is she naturally stunning, but she is kind natured, sexy, funny, cheeky, charming and professional too. She is everything you could wish for, and made the day so much fun to work with her. It was such a cold day, but Abbey would've never let guess that it was, she remained professional and with a smile on her face the whole time.

Whilst on the subject of our muse we can't let our male model go forgotten. Ryan is one of my oldest friends. I had just turned 19 when we became friends, just a mere 18.5 years of friendship under our belts. Just like Abbey, Ryan made the day great fun whilst remaining professional at all times. For Luke and I it was a very good excuse for a catch up as well as I wanting to use him for his dashing good looks. If you require a male model I'm sure Ryan could be persuaded. He also has a love for travel, so I would say that you could probably fly him anywhere.

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