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Styled shoot When Elements Collide | FIRE & EARTH

by Roka Bella Rose Weddings

Shoot Photography | by THE UNBRIDLED

#SayHiToTheSupplier #MusicMonday

Scania has taken the gongs into some beautiful settings over the years, they have been played in woods, beaches and some historical castles! The Gongs love to be part of ceremony and so to play at a wedding just makes sense.

Scania owns a collection of hand made beautiful Paiste Gongs, here are some of them: Moon Gongs, Sedna, Sound Creation Gong (one in photo), Symphonic Gong and Terra Gong (earth gong). To find out more about Scania and her Gongs go to

The sounds are ethereal and timeless. Gongs are very beautiful to look at and range in size from 24’’ right up to 38” in my collection, I also have hand crafted wooden frames that add to the natural beauty of the elements surrounding them.

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