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Styled shoot When Elements Collide | FIRE & EARTH

by Roka Bella Rose Weddings

Shoot Photography | by THE UNBRIDLED


Camera Queen, Britpop bitch and pursuer of passion.  Definitely a dog in a past life, Vinny is my soul mate and if it were legal to marry him, well#SorryPaul. Paul is my actual husband and he’s amazing.  He’s the Yin to my Yang, the sun to my thunderstorm, the still waters to my raging tides.  But he still isn’t Vinny. #JustSaying. I’m a bit wild, a little undone, I’m straight talking and always authentic.  I literally live for that photo – 2am editing is where you’ll usually find me.  Informal, intentional, individual, unconventional, I believe in marriages with meaning.I’m not going to tell you all of the clichés such as how I’m unobtrusive or to think of me as your best friend or blah blah blah because quite frankly, when I read that crap on other websites I completely zone out.Instead, I’m going to tell you what makes me different.  Nature is my safe place, I’m literally ruled by the elements.  I’m fiercely loyal and I always get the shot.  I am all about atmosphere, authenticity, emotion, truth.  I don’t want to stage it or tell you when to touch.  Just do what you do and I’ll shoot what I’ll see and it’ll be sexy as fuck.  I would rather see you snogging for real than frame you faking it for the perfect picture.  I’m not a perv honest, I just believe in pure passion.  And your passion is my passion.I’m all or nothing.  If I’m there, I’m there, not clock watching, not fitting you into a package that runs from 9am to nothing – I’m there from dusk till dawn.  My full devotion is on your desire – all of me, all of you (it’s turning into John Legend around here!).  The one thing that I guarantee is that I get everything and I give everything, every single time.Your intimacy is not a show so I don’t want to be setting the stage – I want to be backstage, access all areas, getting high on your heady romance and the sensuality, that pure intensity.  This is what turns me on.

What’s the Story Morning Glory? Previously known as Daze of Glory, there was a bit of a disconnect between my brand and what I actually bring to the table.  The soft romance of Daze didn’t quite demonstrate the impact, the fire and the fierce beauty of who I am and my raw, adventurous, atmospheric style.The Unbridled says it all.  It’s about passion, the elements, breaking boundaries and becoming unbound.  It’s for those who want to do things differently or leave things a little undone.  In essence, less etiquette, more emotion.  The Unbridled is a movement, a transformation – it’s about embracing our difference and sticking two fingers up to tradition.Yes, I’m a wedding photographer but I hate the term ‘wedding’.  It’s a crap word with bad connotations and traditional associations.  What I really do is rub sticks together and witness your fire, draw out your desire, your passion, your commitment, banking those unseen seconds that fly by at shutter-stop speed.  Romance has no rulebook, no 9-5 schedule or tick lists – love is all-consuming, intense, insane, immense – unbridled.  And that’s why I chose this name.  It’s not about wearing a veil, it’s about honouring your tale however you choose.  Want to go skinny dipping?  Get naked.  Fancy a private and petite celebration?  I’ll witness.  Can’t resist snogging passionately in the street?  Frenchies are my favourite.  You do your romance, I’ll run with it.LET’S MAKE LOVE…


Weddings are my world but connection is my life.  I believe in marriages that have meaning.  Those

intimate moments between you both, her fingers curling into yours, his soft breath on the nape of your neck, that nervous laugh, the depth of love, the things that are left unsaid but not unseen.  This is what I do – enjoy the emotive strip tease, revelling in your raw romance and fierce passion, the personal imprint that you leave behind.

The light is never the same, your love is never the same.  Each story individual, each partnership so deeply personal.  It’s these meaningful, emotional, tantalising tales that keeps me capturing all day long and editing late into the night – I really am addicted to love, running away with you to the ends of the earth, capturing the wild within.

I’m less about tradition, “should-do’s” and timelines, I’m much more about making your wedding your own, those “fuck-YES” moments that mean something and make your marriage unique.

I believe in not doing it by the book, let’s break the rules and become unbound.


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