When Elements Collide | FIRE & EARTH

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

When Elements Collide | FIRE & EARTH by Roka Bella Rose Weddings

When elements collide like two people with all their separate aspects of their soul coming together in marriage, to remain individual and true, but blend as one.

I wanted this photoshoot to show how you could use your two individual Elemental Signs as the theme for your wedding. How their essence may be completely different when looked at individually, but marry these together in a magnificent mismatch and somehow it works like a marriage does when two individual souls combine. I mean seriously, who would put Cacti and Fir Cones together on a tablescape? On paper that shouldn’t work, but in art, anything goes. So let’s create magic!

Everybody has their own Elemental sign of either Fire, Earth, Water, or Air. When designing this shoot to inspire couples I wanted to show how you could each brainstorm everything that your Elemental Sign makes you think of, then use these colours and textures to design and plan your entire wedding.

Inspiration from this shoot came from Wareham Forest in Dorset, England. My happy place. The place where when I walk there creativity flows. Daily 5k walks in the crazy younger months would make our baby sleep in his pushchair, make our choccy Lab, Henna, happy, and give me some ‘me time’ to escape from baby Mumma head.

Earth inspired by the forest. The slate and pine needles that lay on the forest floor. Slate so tactile with it’s cool feel and grey tones. Pine needles with an autumnal colour of warm rust. Pine cones and silver birch, those colours. The dark woody brown, in places so dark it’s almost black. The crisp, flakey, pearly white of silver birch. The most stunning bark you will ever see, like beautiful pearls from deep in the sea. The wood of the trees and the gold of the sun just peaking though between the branches. The fluffy cotton tops of Thistles, reminding me of Candy Floss, Pampas Grass and Old Man Cacti with tones of sage green and Terracotta pots. The warm colours of Terracotta lead my mind into the element of fire as my thoughts run free to autumn and getting cosy in front of a fire.

Fire Pampas Grass and Cacti make my mind drift to warm deserts then onto Amerindians, feathers, Aztec prints, cosy Tipis with animal hides, tones of tan and chestnut brown leather and the warmth of a fire pit. Fire. Orange hues mixed with smoke, toasting marshmallows and drinking mulled cider or an orange hot chocolate spiked with Amaretto. Your head drifts away into a warm fuzzy daze of rusty tones....which grounds you back in the Earth of the forest.

This was it. From this I put together a mood board to go with my inspiration for the shoot, sent this to a wonderful team of creativities I hand picked, nearly all of whom had never met before, and let them all just bring what they wanted to the table, and oh my did they bring it to the table! The saying goes ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’, well I think I’ve found my tribe.

One of the most important parts of designing this shoot were the two Elemental Signs; Fire & Earth, so I started by designing and building a custom made ceremony backdrop of these symbols. I wanted this backdrop to be interchangeable so that it could be any combination of Fire, Earth, Air or Water or two of the same to cater for any couple wanting an Elemental Wedding.

I’ve wanted to experiment with using natural dyes to dye fabric for absolutely ages, so this shoot seemed like the perfect opportunity to forage, experiment and learn how to do this. The table runners and silk ribbons for the bouquet and the hair were dyed with a combination of roots, leaves and vegetable skins to achieve the perfect colour, and the napkins were dyed purely with a dye made from leaves foraged in my garden.

Some of the candle stands were my gorgeous ceramic vintage ink bottles that I obtained from a local bottle hunter. She digs up bottles from sites in Dorset. The others I made on my lathe. I’d also been itching to dye some Pampas Grass, the results were meant to be fire, and they were. Styled shoots are where you can let your creativity run wild. If you’re reading this and you’re planning your Wedding, Elopement, or Renewal of Vows, I encourage you to think outside the box and be free. There are so many wonderful creativities in our industry, there’s an abundance of help out there to achieve your dream vision. You just have to find that one supplier who’s style sings to you, and let them introduce you to their wedding tribe. I love nothing more than designing a wedding around what the couple loves and the colours they’re drawn to, creativity feeds my soul. Your marriage is your love story, you make the rules, break the rules and write the new rule book. Follow what is in your heart, because it is about the two of you, not anybody else. So I ask of you, be brave lovers, be wild, be free, and let your individuality shine!

Take away any one person of this collective and you wouldn’t have this shoot. I can’t explain to you how the essence of this shoot felt on the day, to all be there working and creating together, but I can tell you that each and every person deserves to be wholly credited individually for their part in

When Elements Collide | FIRE & EARTH

I would like to devote some of my time to write a mini blog about each and every person so that you can get to know them all and their work. I am so grateful for all the time, and hard work spent on this shoot, and that will never go unnoticed or forgotten. With each blog I write I shall show you more photos of this fantastic shoot which best showcase whose work I’m writing about.

Venue |

Roka Bella Rose Weddings @ Brenscombe

Concept |

by Roka Bella Rose Weddings

Styling | All of these incredibly talented creatives

Props, Ceremony Backdrop, Decor, Furniture, Table Runners & Silk Ribbons |

by Roka Bella Rose Weddings

Photography | by The Unbridled

Hair | by The Artful Hairstylist

Floral Artistry | Maia Sellen Floral Designs

M.U.A. | Roanne Lemoine MUA

Models | Abbey May & Ryan Hodge

Abbey May Official on Instagram

Dress | Jasmine by Georgia Couture supplied by

Exclusively Yours Bridal

Suit | Ragtags

Dress | (with the lace sleeves)

Willow by Indiebride London

Glassware | Fabulous Company

Ceramics | FebbieDay Ceramics

Stationary | Wonderland Invites

Jewellery | Rebecca Furze Jewellery

Wedding Rings | Eco Wood Rings

Gongs | Scania Price

Harp | Amy The Harp Lady

Amy The Harp Lady on Facebook

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