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As Dusk sets in, the air gets cooler, and the ground becomes moist with Dew, we move your party over to solid standing.

The party continues over on the split-level courtyard which is sandwiched between 'Disco Barn' and the Lower Barn.

Disco Barn has a mezzanine which is perfect for your DJ to play down to you from.

The Lower Barn is a great space with wooden floor, low beams, a couple of sofas, a log burner, and a sink area. Lower Barn has been used for a number of things; a chill-out area, buffet, and for a soft play area for the kids to have their own party.

By moving your party over and having music in Disco Barn it allows you to dance with your nearest and dearest until Midnight.


 Pretty lights

Food trucks or pizza vans can set up on the courtyard, and to the left of Disco Barn there's a handy alcove for a bar. The courtyard becomes very atmospheric when draped with warm white fairy or festoon lights, a cosy fire pit and blanket box, and a Little Hat Tipi.

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